"Gray and White Math" chapter

BWG/R states: “The Codex chapter, Gray and White Math, is the definitive source for all things shaded.” (pg. 50).

…It sounds familiar, and there’s information I know, but I can’t find the source for (like mixed root skill shades adding 3 instead of 2 if the roots are black + white). But I can’t actually find this chapter in the Codex. Neither the table of contents, skimming, nor the index of headings in the back. There is a Shades chapter, but it doesn’t contain the math; just more commentary.

Where did this go? Or am I crazy and overlooking it?

I think what you’re actually looking for is a chapter in Burning Wheel: Heroic and Supernatural, page 544. I suspect that’s what the reference was intended to guide you to.

There is a chapter in the Codex called Shades (p. 152), but that’s less about the technical details and more about how to manage heroic and supernatural shades at the table.

Nope. Sorry, the next line after the one I quoted is “See also the Heroic and Supernatural chapter in this book.”

So naturally I checked there as well, and it has some math, but they’re clearly called out as two different sources of information.

The Monster Burner has a chapter entitled “Gray and White Math” so I assume it’s just a mistake.

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Yes, “Gray and White Math” is the name of the corresponding chapter in the Monster Burner, page 367.

However, it’s all of 1½ pages and only covers calculating the math of mixed shade roots. Gold covers almost everything in it, except for the esoteric bit about how multiple white, grey, and black shade roots mix. (The takeaway is to alway shade right down to black when white is outnumbered by grey and black shades.

The MonBu was a supplement for Classic, and that chapter changed some of those rules, but Revised and on basically has the same math in it, as noted. The text in BWGR is an artifact.

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