Gray forte bleeding times

So I’ve looked at bleeding for lighter shade wounds a few times by this point, and while I think I’ve understood the intent, I would like confirmation and somewhere to point to when asked about this.

Here is what the Heroic and Supernatural chapter says about gray forte:

Gray shade forte doubles the bleeding times, white shade triples them.

That’s all it says. Now this seems clear enough… except it doesn’t quite mesh with how bleeding is described in the Anatomy of Injury chapter. I’ll use midi as an example, but the relevant wording is the same for all wounds that bleed.

This says a bit more, but here is the relevant sentence:

A midi wound must be treated before the end of the session or else the wound becomes a severe wound.

The problem is that the bleeding is measured as “before the end of the session/scene”. This can’t really be doubled since it is a point in time and not a certain amount of time away.

I’ve assumed that gray forte means that a midi wound bleeds to severe at the end of the next session instead, which would mean that you have double the time. Severe wounds, which usually bleed out at the end of the second scene after the current one, instead bleed out at the end of the fourth scene after issue, and so on.

Is this correct?

Hi @d12C!

We’ve always done it that way - so “next scene” becomes “in 2 scenes”, etc.

No, it’s not a precise “in game” time frame, but, to us, the rules here are about the narrative, rather than counting the hours.

In that way, it allows for a touching death scene / riding hard for sanctuary / Circling up an appropriate person to treat them / etc.

Those with higher Shade Forte are then able to linger for longer, so to speak.

We’ve done as you note, with “end of this session” becoming “end of next session”, allowing for all sorts of fun and games in the interim!


This has been my interpretation as well. It’s quite impressive how radically the pace and stakes of the game can be altered when you consider a hotter Forte shade… While I’ve never had to run a game when this situation came up, I can only imagine how hard it is to actually bleed out with a Gray-shaded Forte.

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