Gray Shade Will and Body of Argument

Does having a Gray Shade Will getcha anything toward Body of Argument? Should it?

This old thread from back in the day indicated that it does, but I don’t see any comment in Gold Revised indicating a direct confirmation. The heading discussed in the thread (Heroic and Supernatural Obstacles Pg. 245) does indicate that your Will is two higher for generating an Ob against social skills and all, but that doesn’t really factor into a Body of Argument roll (or many actions in the Duel itself).

The +2 Ob in that heading is numerically the same as the one from the Enmity Clause Pg. 382, but the latter penalty also gives +4D to the Body of Argument roll of beneficiary of the penalty. It seems reasonable to extrapolate those 4D to Gray Shade BoA.

Does that seem legit to you all?

We just rolled Body of Argument against a spooky Gray-Willed Demon(ologist?), for a Duel next week, and his BoA is maybe lookin’ a bit thin. Let me know what bonus, if any, you think he should get; my character’s immortal soul may depend on it!

Grant +2 to BoA for gray, +3 for white —against black shade BoA.


Dope. Thanks. :+1:

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