Gray weapins and black armor

I have a question. A player in my group forged a gray sword. We can’t understand how it works if he hit a black armor.
Sry if it has been already asked.

From the heroic and supernatural chapter of BWG, page 547:

Basically, if a gray weapon hits someone wearing black armour, there is no armour roll and the defender takes whatever damage inflicted upon him as if the armour was not there. The armour can’t protect against such a powerful weapon.

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That’s an instant kill weapon, in most cases. Even the slightest cut from that blade will kill the mightiest of mortals with the heaviest armor providing no protection.

With such a powerful blade brought into existence, someone might start taking notice. Someone or… something. Muahahahahaa!


I explained Grey Shade weapons to a friend of mine who was considering making a smith, and he said, “OH. It’s a light-saber.”

It’s a light-saber.


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