Greed Tests for Advancement

Hey all,

So I have a player who is a noble Dwarf prince. After almost a year of play he is finally getting to know his Greedy side (I know, right?).

Anyway, I had skimmed through the Greed rules before, but now that he’s actually using his emotional attribute I took a closer look and realized I don’t quite understand how the tests for advancement work. More specifically, I get what happens when Fuel the Fire happens, but not the Routine tests.

Do Dwarves get a Routine check even when they pass their Steel tests for a “She’s Magnificent” rolls?

Also, it says routines always count for Greed, but I don’t really understand that. After exponent 5 they don’t count for advancement at all on the table, so…

I don’t know. The text just really confused me. Any kind soul willing to break it down?

Thanks in advance!

The number needed for advancement follows the pattern established at lower exponents.

Oh. Um. WHICH lower exponent? That seems like kind of a big leap from the text I read. Or am I dense?

Routines equal to the current exponent. Like skills below exponent 5.

  1. Keep counting routines at 5 and beyond, one test per exponent.
  2. Filling any 2 of the 3 will advance (e.g. 5 routines and 3 difficults)

Note the situational obstacles, which work like the ones for Steel. It’s pretty easy to rack up those routine tests.

The “Greed and Advancement” paragraph on p123 indicates “She’s Magnificent” gives a Greed advancement check regardless of the Steel test.
If the Steel test fails, and you choose “I Must Have It”, then you get a second Greed advancement check.
The last sentence of the “Greed and Advancement” paragraph says both of these are Routine.

Thanks guys, that helps. For future printings I do think that section needs a little clarification. At least for people like me. :slight_smile: