Green Patrol forming (PBEM, PBP format)

I am now seeking 3 mice to form a patrol for a PBEM mission.

I am running a Red Patrol mission right now also. If you’d like to follow along and see what it’s like I can allow you read-only access to our play documents if you PM me and tell me your gmail email address.

I am very interested. I am picking up the boxed set tomorrow and was planning to run a game, but would love a chance to play.

OK, I’ve added you to the Red story and the Green staging area. Welcome!

All players who desire to play will be have their google email address linked to the Green staging area where they can upload a mouse on a first come basis. The first three mice uploaded will launch as the Green patrol. Then the next 3 will form a different patrol. Etc…

We have 2 mice uploaded for the Green Patrol so far and we need a third. The next person to upload a character will complete the patrol and the adventure will start immediately!

The Red Patrol is off and running successfully with some AWESOME roleplaying and character development.

I’m interested but I would like to have a look at the running game first (if that’s OK).

Any specifics to have in mind when creating a character?

I’d love to play in this. I’ve picked up the box set and read through the rules a couple of times and I’m going to GM it with my gaming group.

Is there still a spot available?

Is this happening, or are you still looking for volunteers because I’m interested.