Green Slime

Based on Thor’s write up on Yellow Mold.

This is part of my conversion of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Green Slime

A Green Slime is a horrible, fetid growth, resembling a bright green, sticky, wet moss which grows on the walls and ceilings of caves, sewers, dungeons, mines, and the like. Being a growth, it is fixed to one place and cannot move or attack. For the most part, it is forced to feed off of vegetable, organic or metallic substances in an underground wall. If it grows on a ceiling, however, it can sense if someone passes below, and drops onto them. Living creatures touched by a green slime eventually turn into green slime themselves. Green slime is vulnerable to light, heat, frost, and cure disease spells. A green slime will regrow if even the tiniest residue remains, and can germinate to form a full sized ooze again years later.

Green Slime coats anything that it comes in contact with. It also senses vibration in the area and will drop on the unwary passersby. When overhead or otherwise concealed detecting its presence requires a player to describe searching the area. If the players don’t search, the slime drops on them when they walk through the area (see Trap below). If a player searches before moving through the area, call for an Ob 2 Scout test to spot the slime (this test is affected by all normal factors). If the Scout test is failed, the GM may give the characters involved a condition (we suggest Afraid), or invoke a twist: the characters discover the slime after a bit of it has dripped onto something they are carrying or wearing.

Navigating a slime-filled area without alerting the slime requires each character that attempts it to make an Ob 2 Health test. Suggested failure result: Condition (Angry, Exhausted or Afraid) or Twist (the slime drops).

Destroying the slime once it’s detected requires an Ob 3 Survivalist test and the expenditure of a light source (torch, lantern oil, etc) or an Ob 2 Alchemist test. If the players fail the Survivalist or Alchemist test the GM may choose to invoke a twist: the characters disturb the slime and cause it to drop upon them.

If the slime comes into contact, affected characters must pass an Ob 5 Health test. If the test if failed, the GM may choose the injured condition and allow the character to pass through the slime-filled area, or invoke a twist that spreads the slime across their armor of clothing which must instantly be removed (and is destroyed in the by the slime). Any character that is already sick or injured and who fails the Health test is turned into a green slime.

Special: if multiple slimes are present, the difficulty of detecting them is reduced to Ob 1, but the difficulty on all other tests to navigate and destroy are increased by 1. Also the number of characters that can be effected by the trap is limited to the number of slimes present.

I’m curious about incorporating the vulnerability to the cure disease spell. In 1st edition that was a 3rd level spell, requiring a 5th level or higher cleric to cast. I’m leery of simply saying “Theologian” can be tested to destroy it, without prefixing that somewhat (must be cast by a Cleric of X level, etc). Is there a Might score for traps or something else that would help here?

Maybe there will be an appropriate Cleric spell to deal with it?

When you’re actually paying attention to things like light sources, something like this is maybe a more formidable foe than a cave troll. Scary!