Greetings from Denmark!

Greetings all!

New player/GM to Mouse Guard, and actually came upon it by accident. While I’d heard about it before, it wasn’t until this past weekend when we were in our FLGS (Fantask in Copenhagen) when my wife grabbed MG off the shelf, and said “oo…this looks cute and fun”. So we bought it, hopped across the street to the Comic area of Fantask, and gobbled up everything MG we could get our hands on.

I have to say, having read it through once (and on my 2nd read through now), I’ve really fallen for the system, and just wish I could get the full Burning Wheel system to kick it’s tires as well.

Anyhow, this Friday will be our first solo session (my wife and I), so I hope to feedback a little more once that’s happened.

Ciao for now all!

Welcome Kalan. Make sure to let us know how it goes!

Hi Kalan,
I love Fantask! Tell Marit and Tommie that I say Hello.

Also, there are plenty of MG players in and around Copenhagen. I know because I played a game with some of them while I was there. Maybe you can dig up some more players for your game.


Thanks for the welcome Luke! I’ll pass along the message next time I’m in Fantask :slight_smile:

We actually have a little group that we normally game with, so I’ll be introducing them. If we enjoy it, we may just put something up at Fantask looking for another player :slight_smile: Lately though, I’ve been head down in writing a system neutral RPG setting book, and the wifey has kind of insisted we game for a change. All told, I really am digging the system used in MG, so I may look at doing a hack of MG for use with the setting book I’ll be publishing (sometime in the future…)

Anyhow, the manuscript is a calling, so better get my lazy butt back to it.

Thanks for the welcome all :slight_smile:

If you do do the hack, please tell us. I really like the idea of hacking Mouse Guard for other settings so I’m interested in other’s experiences. Also I think there are several other people/mice/weasels/ferrets here that like to help a little with hacking and discuss hacking.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind :slight_smile: I’m still a fair ways before I can consider hacking it (I really want to focus on writing the setting book first), but it seems fairly easy to hack together, especially given the source material I’m using (which given where you’re from, I think you may find very interesting :wink: )