Grey Mantle, The Trait. What does it do?

I don’t get how Grey Mantle is a trait, can someone tell me what that means for the character?

My interpretation is based on the rest of the Elven traits. You have things like Well Dressed and Appreciation for Beauty, which make sense in the context of elves as immortal beings with deep passion and an artistic nature. They’re somewhat detached from common conflicts and they have a taste for finer things. Look at what else is in the protector setting: Smells Like a Horse. These elves are, perhaps, more involved in everyday and mortal things. Gray Mantle is for a ranger who is utilitarian and simply dressed, which would likely differentiate him quite a bit from most other elves.

Edit: Plus, there’s the Tolkien element, Thingol and the Sindar, possibly.

It’s a character trait, a mark of honor in fact.