Grey reflexes question in the new version

On p546 of BWG, it says you get two maneuvers on each action. Does that mean you can strike / strike if you want? If so, what happens if your opponent avoids? Do they avoid both?

Do grey reflexes cause hesitation to wear off at twice the normal rate?

Yes and yest to your first question. Avoid works against all attacks that it’s scripted against, regardless of the number of attacks.

I don’t know about the hesitation.

As for hesitation, hesitation affects the number of actions. Grey Reflexes does not grant more actions, it just grants more maneuvers per action. Ergo, hesitation affects characters with Grey Reflexes normally.

Thanks, those are both very helpful answers.

I actually wouldn’t allow Strike/Strike unless the demon had two equal length weapons. Which, ok, demons do, but angels don’t.


Oh my… how do you figure out what to test? Do you match against the first action of the pair? I mean… if the Daemon scripts Volley 1, Action 1: Block, Strike … while the warrior scripts Volley 1, Action 1: Feint.

It’s just like you’re facing off against two people. You can choose to use your Feint against the Block or the Strike. I know which one I’d choose.

Ah, nice and simple. Two combatants with gray reflexes must be really interesting. :slight_smile:

I wonder if Neo has White Reflexes.

Neo vs. a Daemon would be really neat to see.

Yeah, wait. That doesn’t work. With two gray reflexes opponents, you’d have to consider the actions sequentially, otherwise you can get yourself into a paradox. I Strike+Feint, you Block+Strike. I choose to Feint your Block, but you choose to Block my Strike…?

Yes, it would have to be sequantially. That or if there’s only gray reflexes combatants involved, cancel the advantage and play it out like normal (black shade).

Because they’re not separate actions, I’ve treated it a bit differently. Strike/Block against Feint would pit Strike against Feint, which works out fine for Mr. Gray, and Block against Feint, which favors Mr. Black. If Mr. Black scripts Block or Avoid, he’s blocking or avoiding everything from that opponent. (The former is arguable, but that’s how I’ve run it.) Strike+Feint vs. Block+Strike is something I’ve never encountered, since I’ve never had more than one non-Black combatant, but I’d have the Block roll against the Strike and then trigger the Feint. It’s all simultaneous.