Grey Weapons, and Black Power

I have a character in my game who has just shifted his War Art to gray, and is in the process of producing a gray weapon. With the gray weapon, how exactly the damage calculated? Is it as simple as all his damage is gray instead of black?

Grey Weapons do Grey Damage, pure and simple. No Grey Weapon Skill nor Power required.

This is the realm of Dragon, Demon and Giant Slayers! Very dangerous reputation to have… one who can fashion such weapons…

True. I am lucky that the player understands the gravity of such a skill. He is actually pretty nervous having the skill. The game is coming to a close anyway, so it will be a short lived, but much needed skill.

Thanks for the reply.

Last time we had a thread like this, someone brought up the fact that Grey skills allow you to make Grey stuff, but you don’t necessarily have carte blanche to make every effect “grey” as a result.

Like, maybe Grey War Art means you can forge a legendary demon-hewing sword… out of starmetal. Still gotta get that starmetal. But those spears you cranked out for your liege’s bodyguards? Black-shade ROTM unless you work harder at it.

The skill description in BRW (I dont have my copy of Gold on me at the moment) simply states that creating a Grey Shade device requires a Grey shade skill. Assuming that the skill description is the same in Gold, I would say that you don’t necessarily need grey shade material to craft grey shade weapons/armor. If its important to your setting to have the starmetal or whatever, then by all means require it – though personally I would only do so if the process for obtaining the starmetal was an extereme case, e.g.:
[li]Ob X resource test to obtain enough starmetal for your task
[/li][li]long, extended journey to locate a source of starmetal, but you find a source that can supply your entire clan for generations: you never have to search for it or buy it again.

I agree. You only need a Grey Skill Shade to make every weapon you craft Grey. The result of a successful test will always be a Superior Quality weapon that does Grey damage.

NOW, that said, if you want it to be a grey, flaming sword of defense +5, then you’ll need to find yourself a willing Enchanter. And that will require some serious antecedents.

But for just the straight Grey damage? Good ol’ fashioned steel will do.