Groster Barony

It’s time to accomplish second mission from Thor and Luke, and I made this map in Hexographer and in this work I was trying to copy an amazing style of old Minaria map.

Love it! Do the features—road, river, sea, mountains—have names?

Yes, they do, but adding their names on map require floating letters, which I can’t do in satisfying way (not much space for that).

I call the mountains as Trembling Peaks, sea as Voluntary Bay, river Katis (on which stand remote village Cheer-on-Katis). I don’t actually think about road, because I chain all the human settlements with river. Maybe some dangerous road from Order of the Crescent Sword through Valley to Cheer? Aha! Sleepless Barrows Road.

Love it!

Did you use the free version of hexographer or the full paid version?

I used a full version.

Thanks, wish I could get that on the ole iPad.

This is groovy as hell.