Group Sneaking

Okay, Burning Forum Dwellers, question:

We’ve had it surface in our games semi-frequently where the group is trying to sneak somewhere all together. Except one guy has no stealth, one has low stealth, and the other guy has a high stealth. From a mechanical perspective, how do we handle that?

  1. Do we make the worst/slowest person roll? In this case, a Beginner’s Luck test for the guy who has no Stealth. In which case, we can’t offer Help (right?) which seems silly that the two trained guys can’t give the guy some pointers.

  2. If we have one of the trained guy’s roll, can the other guy “help” with his Stealth? Also, if the other Stealthy guy can help, what about the Knight with no stealth? Does he increase Ob based on his lack of skill? What if he has a wise like Forest-wise that is applicable? Does finding a skill to help with negate his lack of Stealthy?

How do you guys deal with it?

My gut reaction is to:

  1. Let whoever wants to roll, roll.

  2. If the Knight wants to open Stealthy and do Beginner’s Luck, let him. Let the other guys add their Helping dice (given that it is effectively halved due to double Ob).

  3. If the Stealthy guy wants to roll, the other Stealthy guy can help. The non-stealthy guy adds a +1 Ob but can also provide a Helping die if applicable. The idea being, he’s definitely going to be a detriment but he might offset it through some other knowledge. I realize that randomly throwing out +1 Ob doesn’t happen very frequently in the mechanics but its seems harshly appropriate.

There is a rule in the Adventurer Burner called the the Slowest and the Loudest. Basically if it is a group test where failure by one would mean failure for all, then the least skilled person makes the roll and the others can help. My understanding is that you can help with a Beginner’s Luck test so your option 2 is the way I would go.

Beginner’s Luck is a stat test, and skills may help stats (p. 36), so yes, you can help someone who is rolling beginner’s luck.

Much obliged for the rule find on that one. Thanks guys!