Guard duty as a kind of punishment?

I was wondering, is it possible for a character to enter the Guard as a kind of punishment? Or, maybe more specifically, as a way to avoid punishment? I’m imagining a cunning character, skilled at reading situations and people, an adept thief and consummate liar, too clever for his own good. Perhaps he’s especially intelligent, turning to crime as a way of entertaining himself. Nothing particularly violent, or anything like that. Just mischief, I suppose. Maybe it’s all just a way to personally test himself, you know? See how far he can get before it all catches up to him.

Anyway, let’s assume that, at some point, it all does catch up to him. Would it be possible that the Guard, not wanting genuine talent like his to go to waste, would offer him membership in the Mouse Guard as a way to avoid more severe punishment? In a way, it’s a bit like the Night’s Watch from the Song of Ice and Fire series; criminals are often offered the opportunity to join the Watch, and many of them take it, especially when the alternative is execution.

Do you guys think that might be an appropriate character? I mean, I’m running a game, so I doubt I’ll ever get to play, myself, but I like making characters. It helps me flesh out my game world, if nothing else.

You can create whatever situation that you want. Remember that Midnight was a guardmouse.

Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue: