Guard your Soul (Sorcerer/MG Hack)

Just some quick thoughts so I don’t forget them… Need help making sure the Nature gets fixed (since most everything else is much easier if that gets right). And help making sure the Sorcery skills “work”.

MG hack for Sorcerer style play (if you are familiar with both, any suggestions would be appreciated). Proposed, Change Nature: Mouse to Nature: Humanity. Humanity covers Opposing Demons, Altruism, Working with Society. Risk loss of Humanity for Summoning and Commanding Demons, Self Centered Actions.

At Nature 7 you are too good to be doing this sort of thing, go find a monastery or cloister. At Nature 0 you are a depraved monster, go become a serial killer or get drug off to Hell.

Need to look through more modern versions of MG hacks for alternative skills. Proposed, new skills available:
[li]Contact - to find the right Demon
[/li][li]Summon - to get the Demon here
[/li][li]Bind - to make the Demon yours
[/li][li]Punish - to hurt a Demon
[/li][li]Banish - to get rid of a Demon
[/li][li]Contain - to lock a Demon up

Rules for helping still work. Drugs may be used as an ‘item’ granting bonus dice to Contacting and Summoning. Humans may only tap their Nature for Demon Skills. Successful Altruistic actions and Banishing count tword advancement of Nature. May want to modify Circles to encompass Contacting, and/or Summoning…

Demons may use their Nature to accomplish Magic replacing your dice with theirs for whatever action you are attempting so long as it is in their Nature. They may also be tapped just like you tap Nature in Mouse Guard. Demons will also have something like Beliefs, Goals (Desire?), and Instincts (Need?). They may have Traits but this may be too much to keep up with. Somehow there needs to be a connection between Desire/Need and fixing a taxed Demon Nature…

I think it would be interesting to distibute the Demons to the other characters to play with a reward to their characters (Fate/Persona) if they rack up the Demon’s Desires and Needs…I’ll do more on this when I get back home and can look up a couple of things in the book.

I’d make that two skills: Summoning – with factors for Contact, Summon and Bind – and Abjuration – with factors for Punish, Banish and Contain.


Awesome! Thanks. :smiley: