Hacks with Mice

Just curious if anyone is actually playing any of the following:

  • Hacks actually playing as mice

  • Evolution of the guard, its shape in seasons long beyond 1152


I’m actually starting a game this friday/saturday that I’ve termed “The Song of Mice and Fire”.

I’ll be jacking a lot of the plot elements from those books along with certain character allegories (word use?).

An early Mission will be to Escort a pregnant Mouse from Lockhaven to another city and the guard will be assauted by cultists that claim she’s cursed to doom the whole of Mousekind. They’ll wear silver masks and use alchemy.

Then the players will have a mundane year but be called upon to take up a Winter Mission to deliver the same girl and her children to a Desert land far away. The kids turn out to be silver furred with purple eyes… you see where its going? probably not if you haven’t read the books. I recommend them.

I was interested to see a post about Albino mice because my first thought was for an Albino mouse, glad to see some ideas about using it as a Trait.

Well, there’s the thing John’s working on . . .


At least we’re planning on playing this hack SPQM after we have played our current Mouse Guard campaign.