Halfling Burough, some place for them to start

I noticed in the rules the halfling doesn’t have a starting home place, so I looked up town names and came up with the following

Halfling Burough

Skills: Cooking

Dont’ know the system well enough, but I sure some fine folks out there could help flesh this out, so all of our halflings have at least one home place

Can you describe the Halfling Borough a bit? What are the people like? What sorts of things do they do? Don’t worry about the rules at first. It’s more important to imagine the place. How is it different from the Remote Village?

The Halfling Burough is a rolling place full of the frolicking happy go lucky halflings. In this community everything is their size, made for them by them.

The halfling burough is a community that works together and understand the halfling way of life. If a halfling needs help, they help each other out. The community is about, eating, drinking, smoking, merrymaking and comfort.

Halfling buroughs raise tobacco and make fine pipes.

Haha a riff on Lord of the Rings but there you go

So, why is the character a murder hobo after arising in such a happy, well-adjusted place?

Because he wants fame and fortune, more so than being boring and dull. The halfling hobo wants more from life than 9 square meals and a pipe full of tobacco.

Hence he/she is different and the community looks down upon him. They still love him, but want him to leave, so off he goes to ADVENTURE

-1 to your starting Nature if your Halfling abandoned Halfling Burough for the life of adventure :smiley:

Sounds like a fair trade off…thanks for the input

He leaves because PUNK ROCK.

Haha yep the neighborhood went to hell…time to go get dirty :cool:

I think the majority of Halflings come from remote villages. But if that doesn’t suit your fancy, how about something like this:

Halfling Hamlet
Skills: Cooking, Steward, Peasant
Traits: Rotund, Jovial

Okay village would work, but so does the nice sounding hamlet