Halfling Thain

What to do if you failed in your one role as your peoples’ protector? Become a murder hobo…

Halfling Thain

Raw abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; neither stat may have a rating lower than 3 or higher than 5.

Skills: Fighter 3, Cartographer 2, Commander 2, Sailor 2, Scout 2, Steward 2

Trait: Hidden Depths or Grandiose—As a Thain, you’re the most military-minded of a mild and gentle people. In times of trouble, you’re expected to take charge and protect your shire from danger. This kind of responsibility can go to a little fellow’s head; your courage, if perhaps not your wisdom, knows no bounds.

Weapons: Any weapon except the crossbow, two- handed sword, halberd, polearm and lance.

Armor: Leather, chainmail, helmet and shield.

Level benefits
Halfling thains get a mix of warrior and burglar benefits.

Level 1: Thain—Halflings may wield any weapon except two-handed swords, halberds, polearms, crossbows and lances. They may wear leather and chainmail armor. They can also use shields and wear helmets.

Level 2: Choose either Stone Thrower or Abstemious
Level 3: Choose either Stubborn or Skirmisher
Level 4: Choose either Cool-headed or Plucky
Level 5: Choose either Companion or Helpful


Thank Christ. I was dipping into both Torchbearer and LotR (specifically Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck) so i was awaiting the wrath of Luke.

Awesome! The world needs more halfling-goodness.

What flavors of Halfing Magic User do you think the system would allow? Halfling Prestidigitator? Halfling Charlatan? Some sort of Illusion-based Burglar/Magic User blend?

Just you wait.

I don’t see halflings using magic — though they could learn Arcanist and help out their wizardly friends. Use halfling nature, criminal or manipulator to do sleight of hand and other “magic.”

But never fear, I have an illusionist in the works for a new racial stock. No prizes for guessing what one.

Does “Riddling” encompass tricks of that sort? Coin and card tricks and the like? Visual riddles of a sort?

I would say it falls under riddling (Trick conflict) if you’re tricking someone, sneaking if you’re concealing something or merrymaking if you’re entertaining at a kids’ party.