Hammer faction affliation stacking question

I just had a question. Do the affiliations that you receive from the Officer and “Hammer flies, Anvil Dies” traits count towards the “hammer affliation” that you can purchase under a Hammer Lord?
i.e. If I have both the Officer trait and the hammer flies, anvil dies trait, do I only need to spend 1 circle point to get 3d affiliation with the hammer forces under the Hammer Lord trait?



Do you think that being a former naval officer, risen to rule from the bridge of his ship, would help someone maintain strong ties to the navy?

Yes, they can count. I’ve always thought there was some flex in those affiliations, you can take them as exactly what they say or you can be a bit more specific and say that your Officer affiliation is to a smaller group, the Academy class of '86 or whatever. But if you take them to the Hammer as a whole, you do save a couple Circles points.