Hammer Lord and Crew

I used the search function, but sadly it didn’t do me any good.
Ok, here the question. I am a hammer lord with the appropriate trait and I have a 3D affiliation with my hammer forces, making them an elite bunch.

Now I buy a ship. Do I still need to buy a crew (i.e. a second in command a reputation and an affiliation) for my ship or can I just staff the thing with 16 people from my fleet which I can access without a circles test anyway?

If I need to buy a crew… what dice level should the affiliation be… a crew of 16 sounds like one die to me… but what would their exponent be? Same as my fleet or worse… or would I just buy a 1D crew and then use my elite underlings for all tests in firefights etc.?

Ah, nevermind. I read the examples in the character creation chapter and they are quite clear.
3D for a hammer fleet.
1D affiliation for a crew.
1D “loyal commander who demands loyality in return”
1rp for a second in command.

Sorry for bothering with stuff I could have found myself. I was blind…