Hammer Lord trait and Maneauver checks

Hi! I ve` got few questions about rolling on a Maneauver check.

  1. My FoN is a Hammer Lord, and he has few dices on an Affiliations with his fleet (for example affiliations 3D). Can I use one man from my crew (who was “summoned” by using Hammer Lord trait) to roll on a Maneauver check? For example I used trait to summon Signals Technician, and then i want to roll on Assess using HIS skill (in that case it should be Signals on 5D exponent).

  2. And if yes, can I help him by using my FoNs skills?

  3. Can i use “summonned” character (for example Signals Technician) to HELP, when my Hammer Lord rolls on Maneauver check?

Thanks a lot for quick answers, and sorry for my badly ponglish.

  1. No. If your FON lack the skills to make a roll, you’re out of luck - you’ll have to roll at double ob. See page 430 (who rolls)

  2. See above.

  3. Only relationships and other FONs can help. If you buy that technician as a relationship in character burning, or make him a relationship in play, AND he appears in some way in the preceding maneuver, then he can help.

What mtiru said, except it’s page 430.

Ah, for 3), doesn’t he need to help in the preceding maneuver if he’s going to help a player, rather than just appear? Or are you asking about your GM Hammer Lord FoN, Deckard?

Thanks! Hopefully we have remembered about testing Stats and doubling Ob, when our characters were untrained. :slight_smile:

Zabieru - i forgot about that - yes, i`ve asked about GMs FoNs.