Hand to Hand Fight! Hack

I’ve had a bunch of ideas floating around for a version of Fight! that tightens the focus down to hand to hand brawling. I have a bunch of ideas, but they’re not cohesive at all.

I was thinking about how to differentiate martial disciplines, and my initial idea is to have either a bunch of distinct training skills, or to have a bunch of criteria that are decided when you burn a fighting style. The first is more conducive to training and picking up techniques, but the other lets you have multiple relevant skills in a fight, and need to use all of them if you’re trying to maximize advancement.

I definitely want to keep positioning, that’s actually one of the main reasons I want this mechanically. So I’m thinking of slimming positioning down to Short, Middle, and Long, but I might just do Short and Long. I have some thoughts about maybe doing something with southpaws and open vs closed stance, but I don’t know. I’m also not sure how positioning would work if there’s just the one Martial Arts skill and a bunch of training skills underneath it.

Please let me know your thoughts, as you can see I’m very much in the conceptual stage, and I want to hear what you think should be considered

I had a player who wanted to do a Wing Chun-style thing. The quick and dirty option we came up with was that he could treat his fists as shorter than shortest weapons, modeling Wing-Chun’s focus on being comfortable with in-fighting.

Judo might have a focus on Counter-Throws?

Karate seems to favor fighting long (at least in popular practice), as does Tae Kwon Do, I think – All those kicks and all.

:thinking: :thinking:

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