Handling a solo campaign

Hey folks :slight_smile:

As we’re about to start a little solo campaign here in the deepest darkest wilds of Copenhagen, my wife and I made her character last night. She’s a tenderpaw in the final year of her mentoring.

Now my question to you all is - how should I handle the mentor? Should I stat her up, and have her tag along? Let the Tenderpaw run solo as part of her training? While I’m ok with using the mentor as an NPC, I really don’t want to just have her tag along, and end up overshadowing the tenderpaw’s experience.

Do any of you have some guidance for me?

Thanks in advance!

The mentor should probably be statted out as per the NPC stats of an appropriate rank in the Denizens chapeter. She should not make tests herself but should try to contribute a helping die to your wife’s tenderpaw whenever she’s able.

In a conflict your wife’s character should take all the actions. The mentor grants a bonus die if she is able to support the action in the fiction.

That was kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the input Glug! Truly appreciate it :slight_smile: