Hardcopy or just a PDF at the moment?

Hello all, first time poster here :slight_smile:

I suppose it won’t be possible to order for the hardcopy (with PDF included) now, would it?

Hi Iki,

The hardcopy will be available in a couple of weeks in the states. You can order one. Though Eero just contacted me and he wants to order a bunch of them to resell in Finland. They wouldn’t be over there until October, though.


So the fastest way to get the hardcopy would be to order directly from you like I did with Burning Wheel and even then it would be at the end of September?

Mid September is probably safer.


OK. I ordered the PDF, take a look at it and then decide whether to place the order for the hardcopy.

Thanks for your answers!

I ordered this PDF yesterday and the status of the order is still pending. So I’d just like to know if I did my ordering wrong or what’s the deal? I have done quite a bit of PDF purchases from DTRPG and from there I could download the PDF immediately, so that’s why I’m wondering.

So, do I have to wait for an e-mail that gives me a download details or how it is done?

Thanks in advance!

It’s your punishment for ordering in euros.


LOL! OK :slight_smile: But I will get a notification through e-mail when things are sorted out or how it works?