Hardcover edition vs. boxed set edition

Hi, All! I’m brand-new here AND brand-new to Mouse Guard! Have been reading the rulebook with an eye toward getting a game going. Like some of you who have posted your comments, I’m pretty intimidated by the system at this point as it’s quite different than any RPG I’ve run in the past. (Lots of Call of Cthulhu, AD&D 2nd ed., Star Wars d6, and WFRP.) I’m determined to make it happen, though! I appreciate the many suggestions on these boards.

My question…I bought the boxed set and it’s FANTASTIC! Was thinking of picking up a copy of the hardcover rulebook as a second copy at the table. The paperback in the boxed set says it’s a 2nd printing. Is the hardcover the same? Are there any rules differeces between the two?


Archaia says the softcover is a straight reprint of the hardcover. I have both, I haven’t checked, and in fact haven’t even cracked open my SC. (I use my PDF from the preorder 99% of the time. Or my printouts from said PDF.)

THANKS! That was what I suspected, but I hate assuming… :slight_smile:

I haven’t any difference. But, I haven’t combed through with a spyglass either.

Anyways, welcome to one of the greatest games on earth!

Welcome to the Territories!! I have also not noticed and differences. I also use the soft cover copy for myself but put the hardcover on the table for the players to reference during a session if they need to. Works out nicely.

I’m planning to do that very thing, Fenris! Thanks again for all your help. I ordered a copy of the hardcover yesterday. Looking forward to getting this one going!

One thing to be aware of, tho’: the supplemental rules booklet doesn’t seem available separately from the boxed set.

Its at drivetrurpg.com got it for like 3€

Good heads-up on the supplemental book, Aramis! I may look around for one…or we could always share… :wink:

I would also be curious to know whether or not the DM screen that’s included in the set has quick references rules for the DM – similar to D&D screens I’ve had in the past…

It does indeed. It has all of the weapon rules, the nature rules for animals, skill factors and challenge actions.