Has anyone kept going with The Sword?

I have statted up some of the characters so that I can run a two act version of The Sword, with players that lose a character picking up a new character. Has anyone else run The Sword as a longer session?

Danielle - Scarport Con Artist.
I will bring the sword back to Master Kogan like he asked and impale him with it! It’s the only way to get close to him.
A group of adventurers should be directed, not opposed.
I have been trodden on by this world too often. It’s my turn to wear the boots.

When I want to be known, make a dramatic entrance.
Always make others do my dirty work.
Always walk on someone else’s footprints.

Lifepaths (Age 23) City Born, Performer, Dramaturge, Confidence Woman
Stats Will: 5, Perception: 4, Power: 4, Forte: 4, Agility: 4, Speed: 4,
Stride: 7
Attributes Health 3, Steel 5, Hesitation 5, Reflexes 4, Mortal Wound 10,

Resources 2
Circles 2
Affiliation: 2D Scarport Theatre Troupe

Colourful, Other Life
Poised [Reroll all failures once when vs Incite or Obfuscate or when testing Etiquette]

Acting 3, Conspicuous 2, Disguise 4, Etiquette 2, Falsehood 3, Inconspicuous 2, Persuasion 4, Read 2, Sleight of Hand 3, Sword 3, Write 2

Clothes, shoes, rented theatre

Uncle Dvalin - Drunk Hardholder
With the sword back in my possession our clan will be prosperous and proud. It must stay above my hearth.
I love extending hospitality but my generosity will be respected. A gift is traditional.
Wealth is fleeting, I will impress everyone by spending quickly before it all disappears.
My nephew Brechtanz is an outcast, I have sworn to the clan that I will employ him.

Whenever someone tells a tale, always one-up them.
When something is a bargain, buy it.
Always suspect elves.

Lifepaths (Age 178) Born Clansman, Husband, Longbeard, Drunk
Stats Will: 6, Perception: 5, Power: 5, Forte: 4, Agility: 4, Speed: B4,
Stride: 6
Attributes Health 6, Steel 4, Hesitation 4, Reflexes 4, Mortal Wound 10,
Greed 6 (Idiom: Riches, Physical Beauty, Craftsmanship),
Resources 2
Circles: 3
Reputation: Smelly drunk 1D
Relationship: Brechtanz

Bearded, Greed, Oathsworn, Shaped from Earth and Stone, Stout, Tough, Despondent, Pragmatic Outlook, Temperamental, Drunk, Folksy Wisdom
Accustomed to the Dark [Dt, no penalties for twilight, starlight, candlelight, lamp light or torchlight]
Oathswearer [You may have character’s swear oaths which are written into their beliefs]
Dispute Settler [Reroll all failures once when testing Coarse Persuasion to mediate others]

Clan-wise 3, Coarse Persuasion 4§, Drunking 3§, Soothing Platitudes 4, Stentorious Singing 4§, Tavern Tales-wise 4, Ugly Truth 3

Keg o’ nog, clothes, shoes

Fineath - Althing of Amon Kel
Fidhean doesn’t understand; the life of a bard disgraces our proud heritage. He shall reject his path.
The sword is nothing to me but it is still mine and will not be used frivolously. (Especially by a dwarf!)
Hospitality is two ways, my guests will behave or find my accommodations involuntary.

Never accept an insult.
Always be mindful of the laws of the citadel.
Never trust a dwarf.

Lifepaths (Age 565) Born Citadel, Student, Adjutant, Loremaster, Althing
Stats Will: 8, Perception: 8, Power: 5, Forte: 5, Agility: 5, Speed: 6
Stride: 8
Attributes Health 7, Steel 5, Hesitation 2, Reflexes 6, Mortal Wound 11,
Grief 5
Resources 8
Circles 5
Reputation: Grand Althing, +2D
Affiliation: Citadel of Amon Kel, +3D
Relationship: Fidehean, Exile

Born Under the Silver Stars, Fair and Statuesque, Aloof, Bored, Stern Demeanour, Xenophobic, First Born, Grief, Educated, Servant of the Citadel
Essence of the Earth [Immune to Disease, +1D to Health tests against fatigue or poison]
Keen Sight [+1D to Perception tests involving long distances; no Ob penalties for dim light]
Organized [Reroll all failures once when testing Administration]

Administration 4, Ancient and Obscure History 5, Citadel-wise 4, Elven Script 5, Etharch-wise 4, Etiquette 5, Persuasion 5, Sing 6, Soothing Platitudes 5, Ugly Truth 5

Elven Finery, Elven Mirrorwine, Tome of Lore, Shoes, Cane

Magic Songs
Ballad of History 3§: Recite elven history.
Ob 1 - Events of the Current age
Ob 2 - Events of the Third age
Ob 3 - Events of the Second age

Canticle of Years 4§: Tells the story of time itself.
Ob 4 - Cause Wonderment

Code of Citadels 4§: As Etiquette when dealing with Citadel Born Elves.

Council Caller 6§: Call to the elven lords. MoS added to Circles.
Ob 2 - Contact great lords and rulers.

Lyric of Law 5§: Recite elven law.
Ob 1 - Citadel law
Ob 2 - Protectors law
Ob 3 - Etharchal law
Ob 4 - Wilder law

Riddle of Steel 6§: A song combined with labour that can create masterful weapons.
Ob 5 - The Sword

Song of Silence 6§: Social skills and mind affecting songs have no effect on you.
Ob 2 - End a Duel of Wits with no resolution.

Fiszzik - Roden visionary
The Sword will be used to spread a plague, we will capture Master Kogan and an elf or a dwarf and sacrifice them in the ritual!
The Below where the sword was found shall become a new burrow to house our kind.
The visitor’s homeland would have much magical treasure, this would be worth sparing them the plague.
The Roden are Aecer’s chosen people and we will conquer the surface.

Never tolerate disobedience.
Never reveal my hand until I’m ready to strike.
Always keep in mind cult doctrine.

Lifepaths (Age 32) Born Below, Initiate, Cultist, Preacher, Visionary
Stats Will: 5, Perception: 5, Power: 3, Forte: 3, Agility: 3, Speed: 4,
Stride: 8
Attributes Health 2, Steel 4, Hesitation 5, Reflexes 4, Mortal Wound 9,
Resources 3
Circles 2
Reputation: +2D The Cult Visionary
Affiliation: +2D The Roden Cult

Aecer’s Likeness, Communal, Enlarged Incisors, Quick-Blooded, Tail, Obsessed, Zealot
Tunnel Vision [Reduce penalties for dim light by one step]
Coat of Fur [Reroll all failures once when testing Health and Forte related to weather and wet]
Large Ears [+1D to Perception to listen]
Megalomanic [+2D to Conspicuous tests]
Coat of Darkness [+2D to move unseen in the darkness]

Command 4, Cudgel 2, Cult-wise 2, Doctrine 4, Interrogation 3, Obscure History 2, Observation 2, Preaching 4, Research 2, Rhetoric 4, Ritual 2, Stealthy 3, Suasion 5

Robes of the Ordained, Club (looks like a walking aid).

Master Kogan - Scarport usurer
Robard owes me for his gambling debts, I will collect his money or his life!
The other people’s look down on humans. Revenge would be on behalf of humanity.
There is a war for the underworld of this town, I will win against the thieves’ guild and the rats.

Always convince them to roll the dice.
Never forgive a grudge.
Always cheat.

Lifepaths (Age 33) City Born, Street Thug, Confidence Man, Coin Clipper, Moneylender
Stats Will: 4, Perception: 4, Power: 4, Forte: 3, Agility: 4, Speed: 4,
Stride: 7
Attributes Health 4, Steel 5, Hesitation 5, Reflexes 4, Mortal Wound 9,
Resources 2
Circles 2
Affiliation: 1D Kogan’s Gambling House
Reputation: 1D Legbreaker

Cold Blooded, Cruel
Light Sleeper [Always get perception test if someone acts against you while you’re sleeping]
Penny-wise [Reroll all failures once when testing Resources]

Brawling 2, Knife 4, Counterfeiting 2, Currency-wise 2, Darkened Streets-wise 3, Disguise 2, Falsehood 4, Forgery 3, Grift-wise 2, Inconspicuous 2, Intimidation 4, Persuasion 3, Streetwise 2

Run of the mill dirk, run of the mill light mail, shoes, clothes, cash 1D

Squee - Roden Kidnapper
I will bag up an elf or a dwarf for the visionary’s ritual.
I am not some mindless brute, I’ll show my nice side before carrying out my duty.
They must not find out how little I understand of the cult.

Always attempt to soothe them first.
If that doesn’t work smack them on the nose with the truncheon.
Stealth when on the job.

Lifepaths (Age 20) Born Below, Snitch, The Gauntlet, Kidnapper
Stats Will: 5, Perception: 4, Power: 4, Forte: 4, Agility: 4, Speed: 4,
Stride: 8
Attributes Health 4, Steel 3, Hesitation 6, Reflexes 5, Mortal Wound 10,
Resources 0
Circles 2
Affiliation: +1D with Saba’s Nest in the Below

Aecer’s Likeness, Communal, Enlarged Incisors, Quick-Blooded, Tail, Callous, Agreeable, Happy-go-lucky, Skulking
Tunnel Vision [Reduce penalties for dim light by one step]
Coat of Fur [Reroll all failures once when testing Health and Forte related to weather and wet]
Large Ears [+1D to Perception to listen]
Skittish [+1 Hesitation for Fear or Surprise, Run Screaming if hesitating for more than one action]

Brawling 3, Cudgel 3, Falsehood 3, Inconspicuous 3, Intimidation 3, Knots 3, Secret-wise 3, Shield Training, Soothing Platitudes 3, Tunneling 2

Club, wooden shield (2D), gambeson, clothes, kidnapper’s bag.

@Mark_Watson? :smirk:

Sorry, @Gnosego! Timings / The World on my side meant we never got our “The Sword” run underway last year. That might have had potential to spin onwards. My apologies for that.

Whilst I’ve not run “The Sword” as the launch point for an ongoing campaign, I’ve used “The Sword” a goodly number of times to give people a taste of Burning Wheel.

Way back when, I ended up running, I think, 2 or 3 one-on-ones / two-on-one to get people used to the system. This meant that, if I recall, we each demo ended up in a very different place, often pushing to events after the original premise.

I think I had one where the elf PC returned to their lands with the sword, and we saw how it went in their parent’s court. In another, the dwarf PC kept the sword, but had to assist the human thief in breaking into a vault (which featured a fun Digging sequence), etc.

Basically, I reckon with an open enough approach, you could spin it onwards to other fun stuff pretty quickly.

The various PCs that you’ve statted up, @Totally_Guy, look perfect for that task! There’s plenty of ways to lean into any side that gets its way, and trail off along all sorts of paths.


Hey, man, no problem! I knew you’d done The Sword a lot, so I figured you were one of the better bets 'round these parts. :smile:

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