Hatred based skills for Servant Lifepaths = broken

torture and vile poisoner are hatred based skills available to Bloodletter and Knower of Secrets but according to Luke and Thor in this post once void embrace is opened as a trait/emotional attribute, the character can’t learn hatred based skills, but for Rituals of Blood and Night (the bloodletter Knowers required skills) you need Void Embrace. this renders these lifepaths broken in my opinion.

to fix - i’m thinking torture and vile poisoner should be opened with root stats as listed in skill description and maybe not open-ended

No, Luke is saying that you lock your hatred at a level and it never advances:

Katsue’s got it. Sorry it’s not ultra-explicit. -> With my first post, you mean? -> Yes.

So you can still learn Vile Poisoner, the root stat just becomes locked.