Haunted Village

The idea is to have a Town that is surrounded by old, wild magic, a town where witches meet and the names of the elder gods are invoked (mine will probably be called Witchmound).

Haunted Village
Skills: Lore Master, Peasant, Weaver
Traits: Rooted, Rough Hands

Available Locations
Tavern, Street, Stables, Flophouse, Home, Market

Alignment Unaffiliated/Chaotic

Suggested Laws
[li]All families must leave an offering of harvest at the feet of the standing stones during the autumn equinox.

Rooted people are deeply bound to the traditions of their kin. They respect the folklore of their homeland and the values taught to them during upbringing. Their customs have a strong hold on them and breaking away feels hard and frightening.

What do you think about it? I’m not sure if leaving it as Chaotic or Unaffiliated. Also I’m thinking about removing the Market as a Location: do you think it can be a game breaker? What about the trait, do you see it useful?

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I love Rooted!

Can’t see how the Market can really be a game-breaker - the village might be a gathering point for a large area of outlying farmsteads and small cottages, and thus need a place to trade.

I’m getting a strong Duskwood (from WoW) feel about this place. I like the traits and the skills.

Keep the Market, have certain gear unavailable. Maybe some special gear is always available (garlic, stakes and mallet, etc).

Chaotic doesn’t make much sense to me. Law or Unaffiliated makes way more sense.

I was thinking of Sleepy Hollow and Kingsport (even Sandford). Everybody knows that something wrong is happening, but keep playing along to ward off the hidden evil. Yeah, I’ll go with unaligned.

I can’t come up with any cool Chaotic Town idea.

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Sorry for the threadomancy. DagaZ’s last comment got me thinking about “chaotic towns.” Would it be possible to have a chaotic town that is restful enough for recovery? Or would it just be an adventure?

At any rate, my first idea is a town based on The Wicker Man, a 1974 movie. The idea being the players could start to uncover a mystery about townsfolk disappearing. If they choose to look into it, they will find it is really a plot for the locals to use one or more of the party as a sacrifice to their gods/ancestors. (Could there be any other ending than an escape/flee conflict? Perhaps a really difficult convince conflict with a promise to return with a replacement sacrifice that would involve a kidnapping adventure… :lol: )

The second idea comes from a Mouse Guard mission I read here. It is based on a Lovecraft story (search “mouse guard Lovecraft” and it is the first result - my iPod won’t allow me to switch windows without losing this. Again.) Anyhow, the idea is a town, shrouded in mystery, not on the maps. Everyone is a bit off, presumably because they are not comfortable with outsiders. In reality it is because they are protecting their ancestors/parents, who are “monsters” lurking somewhere (sewers?). Read the other thread to understand why and to learn a out the role of a town drunk, who is afraid but honest.

I suppose either of these towns could be a base for players, who might slowly uncover the secrets of the town as they stay there and/or go on adventures in the area. (Goblins informing them of the town’s evil nature… Would the party believe it!?)

Again, sorry for resurrecting this. Being just an idea, I didn’t feel it warranted an entirely new thread.

Chaotic towns:
Las Vegas.
New Orleans.

when I think of a chaotic town I feel that the best way to represent that is to have multiple parties all struggling for power, the more groups the more chaotic. Then have a group that is just trying to get along amongst that group. There can be a central power but they have to be struggling for control. Also the Dark Knight trilogy does a pretty good job in showing a chaotic city as well.