Have any Examples of Attack, Defend, Feint and Maneuver in Journey or Chase?

Does anyone have any good examples of attack, defend, feint and maneuver from the non living opposition types you would encounter in a journey or chase conflict ? How does the path attack or the rain feint for example? How would you counter and fight back? … I have few ideas, but would like to hear yours! :slight_smile:

gimme some time. I’ve got examples; will have to organize my thoughts.

Great :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading what you have!

Journey Conflict
At a face-to-face table group, I once ran them through a Journey Conflict; GM Side was this incredible thunderstorm (Goal: I will cause the patrol to become lost, I will tire them out, I will grind them down); Player Side was the patrol minus one mate (Goal: We must warn the tent settlement of a flash flood and get mice to high ground). This was an un-established settlement with mice living in tents and makeshift shelters until permanent housing was built. There were two volleys of actions. I don’t have a perfect recollection of everything they faced, but there are some examples of how that played out.

Thunderstorm: (Season Rating) wind and rains are getting worse; darkness far greater than typical night; chill and shiver of wetness

Patrol: (Pathfinder) we’re making headway; this trail is marked; the tree fell, but didn’t cover the path

Thunderstorm: (Season Rating) tree fallen over route;

Patrol: (Survivalist/Weather Watcher) we’re sheltering during heavy rain; this storm is blowing itself out, clear skies are ahead; we’ve got time to wring out cloaks

Thunderstorm: (Season Rating) light rains will tempt animals into the clearing weather; unknown shortcuts are visible between gusts of wind

Patrol: (Pathfinder) we’ve got a shortcut that bypasses an exposed rocky portion; thick brush seems hard, but it’s much more dry; we’ll mark a backtrack path to use if needed

Thunderstorm: (Season Rating) mudslide washes out underneath; mice in the tent town are not alert; wetness and darkness overwhelm enthusiasm

Patrol: (Survivalist/Weather Watcher) from high ground, we can light a fire for tent town to see; this cavern will be enough to hold many mice safe, dry, and warm; there is lots of excess water soaking into the gravel

The patrol did very well against the challenge, and they were able to successfully arrive with time to help the tent mice in the settlement. It was a minor compromise of having split a member of the patrol in the mudslide and lost a townie who had run off before the journey began fearing the patrol wouldn’t rush to warn his town (there was an internal argument and he saw that as a reason to panic).

In a journey, some actions are long-term, like wetness and darkness in this case, but only called out for a few actions, yet other actions are brief and quick, like the mudslide and tree fall. That shift between consistent harrowing and moments of fright helped form a dynamic feeling about the conflict and worked to heighten the urgency. If I got a little soft, they responded with a bit of ease; when I got harsh, they got tough about their responses.

Special Conflict: Epidemic Conflict
So, this was a special conflict of the patrol against Grasslake Flu. At the time, I chose to make an NPC denizen: Grasslake Flu. So, this acted a bit more like an animal with a Nature rating, one or two Traits, and maybe this overall doesn’t fit your question; however, a Chase Conflict wouldn’t probably fit against a non-living wilderness or weather ‘thing’. So, here’s something of the actions between patrol and Grasslake Flu.

GM Side is Grasslake Flu (Goal: I will make everyone sick and kill mice both old and young); Player Side is the patrol mates (minus one).

Flu: (Nature) mice are sick in town; I cause weakness, fevers, and chills; I cause thirst; sick mice become delirious then hallucinatory

Patrol: (Healer) we’ll open a clinic space to help sick mice; we’ve got some generic pain relievers like willow powder; we’ve got hot tea with honey and citrus

Flu: (Nature) I’ll incubate before mice show symptoms; I’m an airborne contagion

Patrol: (Administrator/Scientist) we insist mice get clean water from the lake, not from household buckets; everyone needs healthy fruits and clean air; let’s get blankets for mice with chills

Flu: (Nature) some mice have strong immune systems, but they’ll still spread illness to others; the dying mice are having hallucinations and will attack nurses

Patrol: (Healer/Administrator) some mice are getting tied to the bed! we’re still healthy and able

Flu: (Nature) I can move to new neighborhoods when mice are trying to help each other

Patrol: (Scientist) we can distill medicines with a little effort and time; nearby Burl is not sick but knows flu and how to treat

Again, I’m not perfectly recalling the conflict, but it was kinda intense with splits between slow-progressing illness and quick infection. The patrol did stay healthy from infection, and came away with a compromise that held them in the town longer than desired (by the Ptl Ldr); they had to continue treating mice in a free clinic for a while, and missed other portions of the mission.

That’s some really great stuff! Will definitely use it as inspiration.

Yes, great stuff. Thanks!