Having a child


I was wondering how you deal with a character being responsible of a young child (i.e. too young to apply the bodyguard/assistant rules), I guess the basic answer would be a relationship/belief, but I’m curious to know what you think.

What’s the story angle? In other words, what does this child provide to the story, and how?

Or, what does the player want by having the kid around?

If it’s not protected by an instinct, it’s fair game to cause disadvantage when appropriate, and a fine target for the consequences of failure. If the PC is away from the child for months or years, then it could start looking for its parent, and grow up to have Beliefs that are anathema to the PC.

Note that if separated for years, the character might not recognise the child, but the player should know when things are getting Oedipal.

EDIT: It’s fair game anyway, but an Instinct should kick in before you murder the baby.