Healer Skill and Recovery

Well, something happens yesterday and I don´t had a good answer that satisfy the players about the Healer skill.

After one of them got a injured condition, the guardmouse who is specialist healer wants to apply some oinments and herbs with bandages to cure the wounded friend… well, I don´t know if this skill can be used in GM´s Turn but I let the player cure him using the Healer Skill without problem. After some other problems, two other had injured too but I finish the GM turn before the healer can act… And they only had a pool made by one check per player. The healer want to cure everyone using the skill, so all player give their checks to him. This is right? or I made a mistake somewhere?

The healer keeps mice whole and healthy.A healer can take supplies from harvesters and scientists in the form of herbs and medicine. A healer can also create poultices and potions to aid mice in recovering from being Tired and Angry. These count as supplies for Will and Health tests for recovery.

Healer Factors

Healer uses a special, set factor of Ob 3 for tending to the Injured and Sick.
Poultices: Tired, Sick, Injured, Hungry, Angry

You are a very nice GM.

In the Player’s Turn, a player can’t make two tests in a row. He can’t hog the spotlight.

If the player can simply heal everyone after they’re wounded, there’s no tension, conflict or challenge. The turn structure helps enforce tension – there’s no time, there conditions are poor, etc.

huahuahua, I really agree with you, Luke about add drama to the scene but I had fear that kind of situation happens too many times…

You think that restriction is not too simple to be abused by players? You know, players like to use tricks that works to them more frequently that you would like them to use… and may blow the entire scene just because they discover a minor glitch in the system.

If a player (in player´s turn) can cure 1 character with 1 check is fine for me…but I see in my 20 years of gaming, players who like to create a scene to extend the chance for other checks to be used (not just in MG, you know). I never let a player talks about weather between checks only to lend him time to use another check without a good reason. I love the structure of the mission in MG, but… You know, players are players, no matter what kind of people they are… they want to win and will get any chances they could to made recovery checks to overcome any condition they got.

Any other advice on that?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Alessandro Franzen

Hi Alessandro,

The MG turn system is very simple and very robust. In the GM’s turn, you can say, “There’s no time.” And that’s the end of the matter, no discussion. In the players’ turn, the players follow the rules. And the rules are very straightforward. If they “game” the system, that’s okay. What happens when you game the system in Mouse Guard? You have cooperation and teamwork. And that’s a bad thing, right?


Point taken.

Yeah, you are right… That is not so bad. I must give more urgency in what they are doing and everything will be fine.

Luke, you made a awesome job when designed MG! Any supplements in mind for future releases?

Oh, by the way, can you tell me if there is any MG Errata?

Thanks for your time and guidance,

(sorry for my english)

Alessandro Franzen

What supplements do you want? Start another thread.

And there’s an errata thread around here somewhere.