Healer treating a mouse with other conditions

I’m after my third MG session and me and my players agree that this game is great. Thanks Luke!

One issue came up that I couldn’t find answer to on this forum. It’s about Injured and Sick conditions. Can a healer treat a mouse that is Sick/Injured even if it has some other lesser condition, like Tired? Or does the “recover in order” rule still apply, so the mouse first have to stop being Hungry/Angry/Tired before a healer can do something about her injury or sickness?

Page 127 makes it clear: You must relieve the lesser Condition first.

More specifically:

The mouse suffering from the condition must test to recover from each condition in the according order. In due course, they will test to recover from Injured or Sick as the case may be.

If they fail to recover on their own (AKA failed at their own recovery test), then they may seek out a healer to attempt. If the healer fails, they now face a permanant injury/sickness according to those rules.

You as GM could tinker with other skills that can be used to recover Angry. Maybe a Patrol Leader with a strong Persuader can be permitted to help out a Tenderpaw unable to overcome anger or frustration.

But, don’t forget, hunger or fatigue can be easily overcome through resources or circles in addition to foraging with Nature.

If you have a mouse suffering under all of the conditions, that is a very heavily burdened mouse. You might need an entire patrol to focus all their checks during the player’s turn on providing methods for recovering those conditions.

otherwise, you do have to make sure that other conditions are being dealt with before Injured or Sick can be addressed. The mouse should make an attempt to recover before calling on a healer.

Yes, I got all that, but I still don’t have a clear answer. The scenario goes like this:

  1. A mouse gets Injured.
  2. She tries to overcome the Injured state by making Ob 4 Health test and she fails.
  3. Soon after that she gets Tired condition due to some other test.

Question is: can she seek attention of a healer or does she have to deal with the Tired condition first?

Hey Michal,

I don’t understand what about your example implies that the character could circumvent removing the lesser condition before the more severe one. Even if the Injured state persists from an earlier incident, the newer Tired condition still must be removed first before the character can test to recover from Injured.

I hope that’s clear.

Sorry, but no. I wonder if my English is at fault, if so I’m sorry.

The issue is not with a mouse testing to recover from Injured by itself. It’s about seeking an attention of a healer. I think the example I mentioned is clear on this. I’ll ask in a different way then: does the healer have to wait before trying to cure the Injured mouse if the mouse has some other lesser conditions (like Tired)?

i understand much better now. I suspect that, because it is not explicitly stated, you could make the call as a GM.

Personally, I would allow a player to seek out a healer for the injured condition regardless of other conditions if they had already made their own recovery attempt.

You might see it differently.

Thanks—this is, actually, what I thought you were asking before the others chimed in with their responses. Reading the text on recovering from Injured and Sick (pages 128 and 129), I don’t see anything that indicates that seeking the attention of a healer would override page 127 where it says that conditions must be removed in order. So I would say: The healer has to wait before trying to cure the injured mouse if the mouse has some other lesser conditions.

I agree with Wanderer on this. These other conditions must be alleviated before healing can start. All these checks can be made in one night. Simply getting a good night’s rest can cure tired. And the healer makes the injury check for you.

You can search for a healer if you want, sure. But don’t go with the dice now. First you must recover for the Tired Condition. Save the roll for later.

When that situation appears in our campaigns we usually let the character visit a healer and do the roll and if it’s successful we make a note and when all lower Conditions is removed the Sick/Injured is immediately lifted. Storywise that’s like it’s taking longer to recover from the illness/wounds that normal because the mouse is living a hard life which corresponds quite well to real life I think. I think that’s a little better than waiting with the roll since we immediately get to know if there will be any damage effects from the injuries/sickness.

Also I don’t think that you have to try to get rid of your Injured/Sick by yourself before you visit a healer. You should be able to visit the healer right away?

Not sure about that. It sounds to me like there is an order to the tests:

My interpretation:

  1. Make a Health test
  2. If not succesful, you have to options:
    2a. Go to a healer
    2b. Don’t go to a healer & take a permanent injury

Story-wise or not, this pretty clearly goes against the rules on page 127 for order of recovery.

I’ve wondered about this myself, but I don’t see a lot of reason for a character to skip the first test to recover from Injured or Sick. He would be passing up a test for advancement, as well as risking one test rather than two to keep from having an ability or skill lowered permanently. The only time I see going straight to a healer being a good decision is if the character is short on checks for the Players’ Turn and the healer has a significantly better chance of alleviating the condition, but the text isn’t clear on if this is a choice the player can make (which makes me think it’s not an option).

As an aside, I’ve often seen players spend Fate and persona on recovery tests. Conditions can be persistent.