So usually the rule book has the animals I need for my campaigns. From time to time I have to alter them a little bit so they fit to Northen Europe’s wilderness where I live. This time I was amazed when I didn’t find a hedgedog and with a fast googling I found out that there indeed is no living species of Hedgehogs in America (There has been one).

Nevertheless, I decided to use Hedgehog in my game because they are so interesting mammals. Would you implement this animal to your games even when it is not naturally living in your home area? And what would be this animal’s nature?

Hedgehog 6 Hiding, Defending, Hunting Insects
Gear: Spikes + 2D to defend

They eat mainly insects but also mole’s bird’s and mouse’s babies. They hunt at night and they have very fixed living areas near to their winter’s nests.

When threatened they rise their front spikes and try to rush their opponents. When really threatened they can form a spike-ball that is really effective as defending. The spikes are almost always dirty so the wounds become easily inflamed.

For the guard Hedgedog can be a really powerful ally or annoying bugeater. In my campaign the hedgehog tried to eat a caravan’s bugs so players had do defend those bugs from getting eaten. Hedgehogs are not so urgent enemies of the guard because they don’t eat mice, but also do they threaten the more evil animal: snake. In Finland we think that having a hedgehog in your yard is really useful because the snakes can’t match it and try to avoid hedgehogs. So in my campaign I could tell the players that wounding the hedgehog has killed it and brought a new more dangerous animal: Milk Snake

Fast Facts

Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore
Size: Head and body, 5 to 12 in (13 to 30 cm); Tail, 1 to 2 in (3 to 5 cm)
Weight: 14 to 39 oz (397 to 1,106 g)
Size relative to a tea cup: