Helms Deep Style.

I wanted to do a Helms Deep style battle as my players want to take part in a massive battle.

The story is that for a few seasons many mice all over the territories have begun to believe that the Guard are trying to take over the territories. These feelings have become way out of hand as an army of 700 mice (Uruk-Hai) and rats (trolls effectively) have marched upon Lockhaven.

Gwendolyn didn’t have much time to bring back many Guard from patrol so there is only about 200 Guard protecting Lockhaven.
The patrol has been given a block of the wall to defend as this massive army charges them.

Please tell me what you think of this. If you want to borrow this mission that post that you do and I will put some ideas for possible obstacles and such on the thread. http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

I’ve been thinking of doing a similar large battle scene using the warfare rules. I’ve been running a set of serial patrols/missions that, although they have different missions and such, have a common overarching story. The idea is that in 1154 there is enough political unrest that Port Sumac and several other towns have decided to secede from the Territories and become independent city-states.

I plan on having the cities break off and then, in 1155, have the Guard scrambling to handle the food shortages and scent border etc. (I want Sprucetuck to secede also, leaving no scent mixture to protect the borders! They desire to sell it as their main export commodity). Anyway, the actual revolt will involve a battle and large troop movements.

What ideas were you going to use?

I may actually expand on this idea to be my convention scenario for Queen City Conquest in August…hmmmm…

Since I have not been GM-ing for very long I was going to use this as a mission where they have to protect Lockhaven as the general mission.

I was going to open it with the Guard shooting the uprising with bows. To represent this I was going to roll 10 D6 and for every success 10 enemy mice are killed. then the players (who are given bows at the start the mission) then fire themselves. This is done by an OB3-4 test on hunter.

Then the enemy reach the wall and a lot of fight conflicts start. When the players are fighting mice on siege ladders then if they win the fight then they may push the ladder down (this may be stopped by a standard compromise or higher.

If they lose the fight then 2 or 3 mice climb onto the wall.

Meanwhile the rats are manning a massive hammer. How I would describe this is by taking a catapult, taking away the arm that stops it the arm with the "basket from going too far and replacing the “basket” with a hammer.

When I figure out the rest of the mission I will post.

Also when you talk about the convention are you talking about your idea (which is amazing by the way) or this Helms Deep style one?

I was thinking of blending your idea of a military conflict with my backstory of unrest in the Territories. I think I’ll use that for my convention scenario this year.

I like showcasing the different types of CONFLICTS that MG offers. I find that this type of “newness” really engages players. D&D and other RPG systems don’t handle large scale conflicts well. But MG makes it shine!

I’ll be sure to post my convention game mission in the forums. You can see my two missions from last year if you scroll down the missions section.

Thanks for the inspiration!