Help and advancement

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This is my first post on the forum and I shall start with a question:

In Mouse Guard, do the helpers get an advancement test when they help an other character? I know that is the case in Burning Wheel, but I couldn’t find anything about it in Mouse Guard.

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In Mouse Guard, helpers don’t learn.

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Just to give this a little context: The group has to consciously spread things around Mouse Guard. You can’t just sit back and help and expect to advance. And if the group won’t let you test Scout during a mission because you only have a 2 and someone else has a 5, make sure to earn a Check so you can do some Scouting during the Player’s Turn!

Of course, you could also just pipe up early and often in the GM’s turn. Use the rules!

Thank you all.

@strormsweeper: pipe up? Sorry if I don’t get what you mean, English isn’t my first language.

As in “speaks up.” See page 87, “Who Makes the Test?”

Speak up, or volunteer. I’m referring to the “No weasels!” rule in Mouse Guard.