help in Psychic Duels

In our last maneuver there was a Psychic Duel between TJ’s psychologist crime-lord and a rival psychologist GMFoN. The stakes were pretty high.

Several other characters were present and we were wondering about the possibility of using the regular Duel of Wits helping rules. In general we felt that they didn’t apply because we were narrating that the Psychic Duel was taking place over mere seconds, and also because, obviously, the battleground was the psychologists’ minds.

However, one time Iain (the GM) did allow a helping die from my character to be given to TJ, because I had a Connection to the GMFoN and we figured that flashes of what was going on might be making it into my head.

Does that make sense? What are the rules for allowing help in a Psychic Duel?


Rules for helping in BE are technically very strict. Page 586 states that only Psychology, Intimidation and Ugly Truth may be used.

We allow psychologists to help characters with whom they are connected in DoW. But I don’t think we ever allowed the reverse.