Help me challenge beliefs

I am going into Session 3 of our Burning Wheel game and initial Beliefs have been fulfilled/adressed. Martin the Noble has reconnected with his exiled Brother. Thing is, his Brother Georg is the leader of a group of bandits and wants to overthrow his father to take the throne.
He beliefs that Martin is weak and unable to lead. Only through showing strength can he take the throne. Martin would be much happier if his brother just came back and they talked it out. However he joined up with his brother because getting his forgiveness is what he wants most (and he hopes to convince him to see reason).

The second PC is Karl. Karl is the corrupt guard of the village that the bandits wanted to attack. He has a love affair with Sara a prostitute. Sara “belongs” to Thomas a wicked man. (unknown to Karl, Sara tried to carry favour with the noble Martin since he is rich and powerful)
Karl promised to help against the bandits and to bring the nose of their Leader to Thomas. Karl also has a bit of a revenge problem and swore to kill the archer that killed his parents. He managed to do that but was later convinced by Georg to join him in his movement against the nobility. He promised to stop the rule of the nobles and to give everyone his freedom. Karl accepted to help him if the bandits would ignore his village and give him and Sara immunity.

I am still not really sure what Georg actually beliefs and who he lied to. I want to base this on what would challenge these beliefs the most:

It’s my fault that the relationship of Georg and Father went sour (Georg was blamed for Martins sleeping around with a common girl). To help their reconciliation i will stay with Georg and find out his plans

I am of higher station then those bandits and only Karl seems to understand that. To get his trust back i will help him save Sara. (Karl attacked Martin last session and told him he would kill him)

To get my brothers acceptance i need to get better at fighting and will challenge a man to a duel.

Martin has an important instinct about challenging everyone to a duel that denies his brothers right to rule.


To get enough supplies for the revolution we will have to attack “this other village”

I will get Thomas out of the way so that i can be with Sara and bring her to safety.

Martin betrayed me in the past but is the only one showing me respect. I will free Sara with him to discern his true loyalties.

Karl has an important Instinct about never denying help to Women and Children.

Letting Martin fight Thomas to prove himself in a duel to help Karl get Sara would be a good way to connect Beliefs.
Of course they can either go attack that other village or go to their village and save Sara, not both at the same time or not without convincing the Banditking Georg. Martin would want to stay with his brother thought because of Belief #1.
And if Martin and Karl go to get Sara she could definetly and obviously go for Martin and paint Karl as a beater and bad person - challenging Karls Love for her and putting their relationship more at risk.

There is also an uncle of Martin at the village where Karl is from that is managing the estate and that surely would not like Martin working with his brother or fighting a rebellion… . AND THEN he denies Georgs claim, forcing Martin to duel him because of instinct!

What do you think?

I need to write Beliefs for Georg…
And i think it would be better if he was all for the rule of no one and a true revolutioniser, challenging Martins nobility in general…

Their most active beliefs are with a mystery duelist and a mystery village. The PCs beliefs about each other are pretty passive–Martin wants to convince Karl. Karl wants to discern about Martin. Martin’s belief about Georg is also about discerning. Sarah and the Father are just props.

I’d have Georg call in his chips with the bargain Karl made. Demand Karl kill his father.

I think your instincts are good, Praion but don’t try to bite off too many things in one session. Just be ready for them. The uncle thing, the Thomas thing are good. Don’t have Sara fall for Martin at first sight. Save that for later if it happens organically.

Go with the Thomas conflict. Start the next session with one of the other girls Thomas is running show up half-dead, hinting that Sara’s next. Then have Georg tell them that they can’t go because he’s leading an assault on some enemy supply camp and needs there help. Now they’re being pulled in two directions and have to make a CHOICE. Those tough choices are what BW is all about.

Doesn’t matter which one they make, you’re hitting 4+ beliefs with that choice. If they go with Georg, have him order some women and children slaughtered. If they go for Sara, have Thomas outman them, forcing Martin to challenge him to a duel (and have Thomas accept). Focus on one or two bangs per player per session, let the players divert the story for any other beliefs if they have time.

Hope this advice helps and isn’t too late in coming.