Help w/ 7 players?

For several months, I’ve been trying to get a few of my D&D players to give MG a try. I finally prevailed in setting up a one-shot over the holidays, when another gamer is going to be in town. But because of various travel arrangements and the like, the host has invited other players to the game and I face the prospect of running the game for 7 players.

What issues should I be aware of? I know I’ll need to cap helping dice at 3 total, and that conflict scenes will always have at least 2 teams. Any other advice?

I hear Risus is an excellent game this time of year?

Seven is too many. Even six is too many. It’s like you’re playing Monopoly and adding new pieces, the penny, the nickle and the dime.

So, if you must do it, fudge it completely.

You can run a session of Mouse Guard for newbies in as little as 2 hours. I suggest you run two sessions: one for a group of four and one for a group of three.

I would suggest coming up with a story that involves two separate teams of mice that are working towards a single goal. For example, there’s a big weasel attack on a town. One group could be helping to prepare and defend the townsfolk while the other group investigates into rumors of a spy for the weasels. Then maybe at the end, if there’s a big battle, you can have the groups in the same scene, fighting the big battle against the weasels. Think of it sort of like how empire strikes back has luke fighting vader while the others are escaping cloud city, then they come back and rejoin with luke at the end.

you might want to extend the mission format to one challenge per player.

I knew I should have expected nothing by sensible, insightful answers on this board. Bah! Humbug!

Thor’s suggestion is good, except that it won’t fit the social dynamic of this group. And I think the other suggestions about shoe-horning the game to fit the number of players amount to what Luke calls “fudging everything.” I wouldn’t be showing them Mouse Guard, I’d be showing them something else.

I guess the curse upon BWHQ products in my neck of the woods continues. I’ve seen Ganakagok handle 7 players, so I’ll run that. Thanks, all!

All fairness, I thought D3’s suggestion was excellent.

You’re right that d3’s suggestion is excellent. I should have noted that earlier.

In my particular case, I don’t think it would fit with the group and their desire that “we all play together.” Even rotating scenes back and forth between the two patrols would likely leave them with the impression that “Mouse Guard is that game that Mike ran that one time where we spent most of our time waiting for our turn.” I suspect a few of these folks would have a tough enough time staying focused on the game without a D&D-style map to hold their attention.

I think you’re making the right choice Michael. Save MG for a group of two or three friends and you’ll have a much better experience.

Happy holidays to you and your family!