Help with lifepaths for these FoNs

As result of a spontaneous online chat, the world of Vintersorg (Winter Sorrow) was burned up. It’s an ice ball like Europa, and beneath the frozen shell are underwater city states (clinging to the bottom of the ice) whose fleets of mercenary sub-fighters battle for control of the valuable Bayleen (a whale-like creature) whose rendition yields anagathic and narcotic drugs. Oh yeah, there are alien artifacts down there too, and a cult that worships 'em.

These are the FoNs:


  1. A corporate VP whose company leads the Bayleen refining industry
  2. The president of the mercenary corporation
  3. The daughter of the whaling captain (below), who now leads the movement against the alien cult


  1. The leader of the alien artifact worshipping cult
  2. A legendary whaling captain (an Ahab-like figure whose madness inadvertently puts him on the Vaylen side) who is the chief figurehead of the Whaling Guild
  3. A rogue mercenary captain in league with the Vaylen

What Lifepaths would work to create these people? The world is in anarchy, and the Church and the Nobility are not a factor (or faction).

Some seem pretty obvious; Merchant League for the Corp VP, Anvil for the mercs; but what about the daughter, the cult leader, and in particular, the whaling captain?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Whaling captain could use Spacefarer and Merchant League stuff or you could make him a Freeman manufacturer.

The Cult Leader should take Cult Leader. :wink:

The Daughter - I could see her taking Insurrectionist, then whatever other LPs that fit the character. I’d stick to 5 LPs total.

The Captain - Magnate and/or League Official, Merchant, Ship’s Captain, etc.

Those sound good to me. Thanks!