Helping and Advancement

Pretty quick and simple question.

The rules indicate that Helping mice are tied to the result of (another character’s) Test, does this extend to Advancement?

That is does a mouse who is helping log a pass or fail (whichever is was) on the skill or ability used in helping?


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no. Only the mouse rolling the test records the test for experience.

Great. Thanks Aramis.

Hi Rich,
Why would you think that helping characters get a test for advancement?


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Hi Luke,

Great looking game - can’t wait to play it.

Because they’re still using a skill to help right? My thinking was that because the helper is tied to the result (pass or fail) that maybe they would recive the respective test result on whichever Skill, Wise, etc they used to help.

I figure in game all the mice a kinda working together, but I wasn’t sure if the helpers got rewarded for it. Now I know they don’t.


They don’t actually test their skill though, they only add dice to the primary roller, that is why I assume they don’t gain any advancement.

Thanks Rich. Your reasoning helps me better answer questions in the future.

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But this would eliminate the part that’s fun: taking a chance. A big part of making checks towards a new skill or advancing one you already have is having to take the risk and being the one to roll. If helping counted for advancement, your mouse, technically, would never actually have to roll a check. You’d just use a help die every single obstacle or encounter and thus be getting a P or F with every situation. Everyone would be learning skills left, right and centre, and most often without much risk.

With the rules as they are, players will have to come up with interesting ways for their mice to make checks they might not otherwise make and respond in situations they might otherwise only help in. It can make things more fun and forces players to consider where they want to focus their advancement (since the other players won’t put up with one player doing everything, all the time, so he can attempt to get a P or F on multiple skills per session).

That’s a really good point Patrick, and helpful - thanks.

I think the notable division here is only people who have played BW or BE seem to ask this…