Helping Dice For Maneuvers


On page 341 is says this: “A GM does not have to hand dice back and forth between his figures of note and their relationships. So long as a figure of note or other character was featured in the maneuver at all … the GM may have that character help or be helped for the maneuver roll.”

I’m specifically asking about the “their relationships” and “other character” phrases. I have two FONs who have relationships with NPCs who were not built using the Kerrn or Stentor rules. They are not 2nd in commands. They even have more life paths than the FONs. I originally took these relationships to justify certain actions and give the FONs “in roads” without having to make Circles tests. Oh I should also note they were purchased as 2 point allies for the FONs.

These relationships just became important enough that I had to burn them up as full characters.

  1. Can they help during the Maneuver rolls?

  2. Can they help if the FON making the roll isn’t the one they have a relationship with?

  3. Can the PCs have a Relationship help in a Maneuver roll under any circumstances? I know that helping dice from Relationships is subject to GM approval in general. Does that apply to the Maneuver roll? I ask because there’s an NPC Human FON that isn’t being utilized very much (mostly my fault) but she is a relationship of one of the PCs. Can she help assuming she gives a linking die or helping die to the player making the roll? If Yes, even to a player who isn’t the one who has the relationship with her?



  1. Yes.

  2. Strictly speaking, it’s not RAW. But I know that it can be appropriate at certain times during the game.

  3. No. She must be featured as part of the maneuver – shown making allied or helpful actions in some form. Even if she’s just shown as a shadowy figure in the background, tipping the scales against the players.