Helping tests without checks (split)

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The easiest way to fix this is what we do in our game: Don’t always do the “statistically smart thing”. Basically, whoever comes up with the idea does the check. It doesn’t matter who has the highest skill. If my Criminal is 3 and my companions is 4, but I come up with the idea to pick the lock instead of bashing the door down, my character makes the check, not my companion, just because he is better at it. Now, if it is a group decision, or if I don’t want to make the check, then, by all means, let the more experienced character make the check. But, numbers shouldn’t make the decision. Roleplaying should. Another example could be, if you are in an old, deserted dwarven stronghold and we have a locked chest that needs picking, maybe the less skilled dwarf should attempt it before the more skilled halfling. It is a role playing game, not a numbers game.

I help all the time, I have never spent a check to earn an advance. its a waste of a valuable resource in most instances (not all instances of course). I help because I want the roll to succeed. usually, becuase we really need the roll to succeed.

Camyron, I disagree. It’s a Roleplaying game, but it’s most definitely also a numbers game. There’s no shame in trying to do what the numbers say to do, the game can handle it. You just shouldn’t expect to be able to get everything you want.

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Wow. Didn’t even notice the dates and was totally confused by the use of the word checks.

This is true. I misspoke. What I should have said is that you shouldn’t let the numbers make these decisions every time. Of course, people are going to say “Well, you’re better at this than I am, you should do it.” So, yes, numbers will play a part and even decide on occassion, but, imho, that should be the exception, not the rule.