Helping with Faith, Resources or Perception

If I give a helping die to someone’s faith, resource or perception roll, does the roll have to be successful in order to get a check towards advancement?

If you are helping with the ability in question, yes. If you’re helping a Perception test with a skill, that skill would get a test even if the test was failed.

Can a skill help a stat?


See “How Can I Help?” on p.36

The most common case I have seen is player A is testing skill X using Beginner’s Luck and Player B has skill X and helps with that.

In the case where only successes count towards advancement, I suppose it is enough that the roll is successful? The actual helping die doesn’t have to show a success? I think it says somewhere in the book that when helping, you have to give an actual die to the person who is rolling in order to see if you helped or not.

Yes, if the test is successful. The helping die rule is just so your friend can thank/jeer you for your contribution.

Great, got it. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy Burning Wheel so far. It contributes to the experience that both the gaming group and the GM are awesome, but I enjoy the system too. I’ve played two characters in BW so far, and it is the first time I’ve been excited about a character before the first actual game session. Usually it takes 2-3 sessions to get a feeling of who I play, what they really want and what their place is in the world. By then, with some GMs at least, the plot is so infused into the game that there is really just one way forward. I like the feeling of having the plot evolve and revolve around the group instead. :slight_smile: But I digress.