Helping with Resources & Circles

I did not see an answer on that anyway but I could have missed it? Are players allowed to Help with Resource tests and Circles tests while in Town? Or are those solo-rolls?

Abilities Help Abilities​, page 66.

Cool. Thanks Thor.

Does that mean if I am trying to shake off being Afraid in camp, and another player says “I throw together some campfire tea and give him a cup to settle his nerves.” That they’re providing Help to a Recovery roll? Helping on those rolls is legit as I read it?

Way ahead of you Neil. Recovery Help​, page 66.

Seriously? On the same page! Dangit, I’m so stupid! Thanks Thor!

The idea is good, even if the mechanical effect you were looking for is against the rules. An alchemist could make an elixir (possibly a tea) that removes the afraid condition. Note this is treatment, not recovery. If the Alchemist test is successful, the condition is gone.

A Healer could also make a poultice (using tea as color seems fine to me) which can grant +1D to recovery tests.

Some tests are individual like Recovery tests, right? I have been assuming Lifestyle tests aren’t something you can get help with from your mates. But buying gear at the Market is A-OK for Help?


We specifically call out Recovery tests as ones you can’t help on. For other tests, I think it’s fair to assume the normal help rules apply.

I’ve noticed no proscription on that, so it seems allowed.

What isn’t clear [to me] is if the Tax protection of using cash/etc for the roll protects all involved at 1D:1s on MoF or if you need 1D of loot for each PC involved to negate 1s of MoF.

Hmm, take the cash off the top of the MoF, then start taking away primary guy’s Resources, then start taking helper Resources until you run out of MoF?

I assumed a 1D Tax for every PC involved for each 1s MoF. Although that isn’t strictly how Conditions are handed out, as Helpers tend to get slightly weaker versions, pain inflicted on the rolling player doesn’t get reduced and the Helpers get pain in addition to the main consequence.

Take the cash off the top of the MoF, then start taking away everyone’s resources. Say you’re facing an Ob 5 Resources test. You get help from two people and spend 2D of cash. You get zero successes for an MoF of 5. The cash shields you from 2 points of tax, so everyone loses 3 points from their respective Resources ability as a result of tax.

ooo, that’s worse than I would expect, I would’ve just taken away the helping dice… but okay, that’s the danger of putting your credit on someone else’s bills.