Henrud Guilford

This is my first post on the Torchbearer forums. I’m going to be running the game once the hard copy book arrives. I’m even thinking of doing a Hexcrawl for it, which I’ve never done, but this system seems to lend itself to such a thing. I thought I’d build a character of my own so that character creation goes smoothly when we get together for the first time.

Name: Henrud Guilford
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Age: 28
Hometown: The Bustling Metropolis, Xertanan
Parents: Pat Guilford the Haggler and Josie Guilford
Mentor: Alaofean the Elf Pathfinder (from the Elfland of Simlasel)
Friend: Clay the Haggler (lives in the Busy Crossroads city of Drev)
Enemy: None (yet)
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Raiment: A warm, patchwork sailor’s coat

Belief: “Out there, beyond the walls, is where life truly begins.”
Instinct: Always take the opportunity to experience something new.
Goal: (By session)

Traits: Calm, Jaded

Abilities: Will 5, Health 3
Nature (Halfling): score - 4; descriptors - sneaking, riddling, merrymaking
Circles: 4
Rescources: 0

Wises: River-wise

Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 3, Fighter 3, Hunter 2, Scout 2, Scavenger 2, Sailor 2, Persuader 2, Pathfinder 2 (specialty)

Torso: Backpack, Leather Armor
Belt: Sword, full Water skin, fresh rations
Feet: Bare and hairy
Backpack: Hammer, rope, iron spikes (6), lantern, flask of oil (2)

I believe Henrud has lived in the big city for most of his life with his parents and his long-time friend, Clay, who’s more bad influence than good. He has, however, become jaded with city living, longing to get away from the masses and into nature. He began working on the docks and eventually on boats as a sailor, where he was able to learn the rivers and waterways. He would often hear rumors of adventure and riches out there in the wilds from those he came across. He manages to pick up a variety of skills from those he works with. In particular, he befriends an elf by the name of Alaofean, who is a master of waterways and shares much of his knowledge of the wilderness with Henrud. Eventually, the decision is made to strike out for himself into the unknown lands to find a true life for himself.

Welcome! Henrud looks like a fun character. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

What are some concrete examples of free turns you envision getting with this instinct?

Sort of how it sounds without breaking anything. If there’s a new experience to be had, I would say that it’s something he’s never done before and that would allow me a free test. Maybe it’s the first time leading the group into a dungeon, or the first time being able to share a big meal with his companions, the first time being able to map something out. I would consider digging through the dirt for treasure and digging through the dirt for weapons a similar experience, so it wouldn’t apply in that instance. It’s not meant to cheese the instinct system, but rather grows from the personality of the character, since he’s lived his whole life in the city and wants to experience the outside world.