Hexcrawl Factors

So I downloaded Isle of the Unknown from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and I was wondering whether it could be converted to gamable content in Burning Wheel.

When a player states they want to travel from one place to another the GM asks how. The map gets pulled out and the players show the hexes they intend to travel through to allow the GM to set obstacles.

The things that appear on the map are: Towns, Monsters, Magical Statues, Colour and NPCs. The player won’t know what is where unless they make some form of test to find out.

Taking an indirect path (to avoid a particular hex) uses the Working Carefully rules. Introduce time based complication upon failure.
Passing through a monster hex could either be considered disadvantage or a linked test depending on whether the monster necessarily has a stake. The NPC hexes could be similarly encountered based on linked tests to the overall journey.

Let it ride has to be considered. Obviously there won’t be a roll made for passing through every Hex. To get the stakes as high as possible the failure consequences allow the GM to introduce complications from any or all of the hex descriptions.

On a successful test or series of linked tests the GM should describe the colour elements from the hex descriptions.

If the players are passing through a Magical Statue hex, or multiple hexes, and are not explicitly looking for it the GM may roll a die of fate to see whether they encounter it or not. The statues could be seen as colour elements should the player’s BITs not prioritise them. Or they can be interacted with at the player’s discretion, if it serves a belief, all the better! One DoF roll could decide whether the players see none or all of the statues in their path.

Towns could be considered colour too if they were just being passed by or used as shelter. Resources could be used as a linked test to the overall journey. Relationships or Affiliations in the town could grant advantage dice to the journey.

Anyone used hexcrawl element in their games already?

(Is it just me or are all the monsters just so silly in that book?)

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I dunno. It seems like hexcrawls are all the rage these days, but I don’t think they’re Particularly compatible with Burning Wheel, or any other “new wave” game system for that matter. I suppose you could do it Burning THACO style, if you wanted. It would work. But you’d have the same problem of having to shoehorn Beliefs into each adventure premise.

Edit: Actually, it’d be harder than Birning THACO to get the Beliefs right. With modules, it’s easy for the GM to explain the adventure premise. With a hexcrawl, that adventure premise is apt to change much more quickly and sometimes unpredictably as the party moves around the hexmap. I’m not even sure if I’d use Beliefs at that point. Maybe a more simple goal system.