Holding Light Sources

May be more of a common sense question, but candles & torches are listed as hand/carried 1. Does that mean you could all 4 in your hand while having one lit?

There’s only two hand slots for holding things. How many candles per slot?

4 Candles per slot, 4 torches per slot.

I’d hazard a guess that the intention is 4 unlit per slot, because where it says (4) it is also talking about putting them in a pack. :wink:

But I’d be willing to entertain your suggestion…by you putting on a demonstration of holding 4 lit candles is a useful manner. Out on the driveway. With someone ready with a fire extinguisher and 911 on speed dial. :slight_smile:

P.S. On the other hand rim shot I’d buy 1 torch (1 candle) in each hand to provide full Light to 4 (2) people.

Here’s how you can pull it off… or not.


How about getting yourself two really, really long candles and then doing the proverbial burning at both ends? That should give you for hand-held light sources! Whatever that would be good for… :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for someone to ask “Can I light a candle and use the wax to stick it to my helmet?”

Another classic is hanging a lit lantern on your belt; would that work in Torchbearer, I wonder?

I think we have different ideas of what an oil lamp is.

Or a different idea of the criteria for successful implementation.


Are lanterns not enclosed reservoirs of oil with a soaked cotton wick protruding from them, and the whole thing encased in glass?

I’ve been imagining this:

Not this:

And lo, the dwarf adventurer returned to town with the Scarred trait and a new name: FIRECROTCH.

I’m figuring that glass is not cheap, thus a lantern is not really enclosed.

That’s pretty much what we all imagine, Ten of Swords, but, as intimated by the others, can you imagine trying to walk, run, crawl, fight, climb, or jump with that big piece of metal flopping around on your thigh? Even walking, there’s a good chance the oil inside with slop about and spill over your leg. Heck, I’ve spilled lantern oil while just moving one from a table to a counter.

They also get fairly warm on the sides, and around the vents above the glass, thus why the fairly long handle up top.

Lanterns where covered in vellum or leather, which I guess can catch fire really fast.

Stay cool :cool:

What do I need to roll to see if town has an REI? My dwarf wants a head lamp.

What if you ask for a Laborer’s test, if failed the character gets Angry for the dripping hot wax on their faces/burning lantern in their crotch?

Stay cool :cool:

I read Laborer as the “carrying stuff that doesn’t fit in the normal inventory slots” skill, so that thought had occurred to me, too. At least for the candle. The strap-on lantern just seems way too odd.