Honour and Truth 2 - Mud and Folly

This is the prep for the second session of our patrol ‘Honour and Truth’; The two mice in the patrol Brand and Jet are both idealists, Brand is about Honour, and Jet is about Truth. I see the stories about our patrol being about the mice testing their ideals, often against the others.

This session I want to be focused heavily on bashing their BIGs against each other. I’m considering things that im not sure are exactly RAW for a GMs turn and would love critiques, feedback and advice.

The patrol, to recap,

Brand - Patrol mouse:

Belief My Duty is to serve the Guard; The Guard’s duty is to protect the mice
Instinct Always help a mouse in need
Traits Guard’s Honour, Extrovert

Jet - Patrol mouse:

Belief A mouse should stand on it’s own two paws
Instinct Never trust a claim without proof
Traits Rational, Wise

GM’s Turn

The mice are hurried to Gwendolyn’s study to be briefed that they are needed urgently in the basements to save historic records and archives from flood damage as water and mud pour in through a hole in the basement wall.

The flooding is due to three mice having broken tunneled down from a neighbouring house into the archive to steal some reports and documents about the sinking of ‘The ??’ - a supply ship some years back. They haven’t finished bricking up the wall but spring rains have caused water to take the path of least resistance: right into the archives.

The first order of business is to stop the incoming water and mud, and get archives on low shelves to a safe place. Second; apprehend those rascals (who will run; Chase Conflict!)

At some point the patrol will be in the right place at the wrong time - Possibly they make it to the surface just before the chase conflict begins; Animals (Squirrels?) are snatching a mouse. At this point they have to make a hard choice: chase the after the truth about the breakin to the archives or do they stand and fight the animal.

Some extra sauce here: Jet is more interested in the truth and thinks mice should stand on their own feet; Brand is commited to helping the guard help mice; One of them is going to have to give way here. If one doesnt immediate buckle to the other, im going to call for a negotiation conflict between the mice. Lastly, the mouse in question is Trevor, Brand’s enemy! will he do his duty and save his enemy or will he ignore him to help jet with the truth.

Players Turn and possible Twists etc

The question of what is happening with the records should still be their, it’ll be written into their goals afterall.

If the thieve get away but drop the records they were carrying; the patrol will now need to piece together why they are relevant.

If they managed to capture the thieves or at least et hold of the archives they will get pointers to a commandeering of a ship by Guard Captian Gill; They will definately know him by reputation. He is charged with protecting a some major towns on the darkheather border. His record regarding this is exemplary.

They may need to circle up leads to find the thieves.

If they look into Captain Gill, they will find that he commandeered the ship jsut before winter; Ships captains records claim that he was not interested in hearing that it was a bad idea. Apparently Gill wanted to get back to his home town before winter. After he was deposited at the docks the ship took off again in a hurry

If the look into the ships history they will discover that it was on a mission to deliver vital last minute supplies to another coastal town just before winter; It got caught in a rough storma day out of its destination and was dash on the rocks; some of the crew died, and the food was lost. The town suffered many deaths by starvation that winter.

The thieves believe that Gill is to blame for this and want proof.

If they confront gill he is very remorseful; he has commited himself 110% to defending the border to make up for his folly.

If the patrol wants to bring the truth to light it will severely damage the stability and safety of the border with the the darkheather and weasels. This should be another chance for the patrol to bash their BIGs together: is it more important for the mice to be safe and Gill’s folly to continue being hushed up, or for the truth about a high ranking mouse to come to light and risk the border.

Thoughts etc are very welcome