Hoofing It / Multiple Advances

If a unit is Hoofing It towards a position with a P value of 5, intending to attain the position incrementally, and that unit chooses advance actions in each of the first two volleys but rolls extremely well and takes the position with the first advance, how should I resolve the second advance? I’m thinking the unit hesitates. Yeah?

They can hesistate, I guess, or they can advance somewhere else.

That’s the gamble of the action choices – and the fog of war. You overshoot or get lost or find God, but for whatever reason, you’re taking up a new position.

Thanks. That’s cool. That kind of seemingly-incongruous result is more interesting than hesitation.

Personally, I think it’s a great opportunity for roleplay. The soldiers yelling at the 2iCs; the 2iCs trying to point out to the commander that the position on the map is, er, back there; the commander frustrated and angry at being questioned under fire.

Fixed that for you.

I missed the Friends episode in which they lead a spirited defense of Ross’ apartment. They should have never left the couch!

I feel bad, because Schwimmer did a good job but I still couldn’t stop thinking of him as Ross. But there it is.