Horseman versus four wolves

So we finally busted out the new Fight! last night, and sure enough it’s pretty sweet. Loving the simplified positioning and overall clarity. Between this and the new R&C, we’re excited about scripting again. :slight_smile:

I ran into a handful of weird things regarding the interaction of mounted soldiers and non-mounted opponents. Specifically, lock (in our case, lock and strike from a pack of werewolves) versus the mounted character. Does the lock go against the stats of the horse or the rider? I saw the bit about the rider deciding what the attacker hits (me or my mount) so I can extrapolate from that that there’s a choice in whose stats are getting locked. And that’s fine! But what happens to the guy on the horse if the horse gets locked? And vice versa, if the guy gets locked what happens to the horse (assuming we’re not scripting the horse’s actions)?

Does the non-locked half get to script, and if so are we basically just constrained by what the fiction looks like? IE no withdraw if you’re sitting on a locked horse (take two physical actions to dismount and then look at withdrawing on the next exchange I assume), no charging (although I guess I could see an argument for diving into a target from atop the horse), stuff like that?

The targeting rules are specifically for Strikes and Great Strikes. For Charges, Locks and Pushes, I’d let the attacker choose. If the mount is locked, then as you noted, the mount may not Disengage and thus the Rider loses access to his mount’s stats for positioning and Charging, etc. The rider’s best course would be to dispatch whatever is chewing on his mount. If the mount is incapacitated or toppled, I’d use the Rolling and Rearing rules.

Oooh! Let the attacker choose, nice.